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Marketing & Branding Services

Visionary leader & creative expert

With more than ten years of experience in technology Industry marketing, 
I have solid and strong know-how in successful BtoB marketing, communications and marketing communications. 

My passion strives me. Helping you to reach your goals is my goal. 
I am at my best in various international marketing and branding projects.
I am energetic, creative and goal oriented marketer and I can offer my expertise for you to succeed in your

Marketing projects: 

  • Product launches

  • Exhibitions, seminars and corporate events

  • Marketing material management

  • Storytelling

  • Branding

  • Visual identity

  • Marketing & Communications process standardization & documentation

I can handle tight scheduled projects with various team members and opinions.

I am here to help!

We can agree on pricing based on each project or hourly or weekly rate.
Contact me to set a meeting to boost your marketing. 

INKAFlow Marketing Offering

Product Launch Campaigns
Launching a new product or service to the markets is all about building the momentum. Big budgets and production team can be beneficial but careful planning is the key. 

Setting your goals and aligning your launch campaign to meet the market needs will build your customer base and bring revenue. 
Let’s make your next product launch success!
Event Management
Exhibitions and seminars are short term events but leave permanent impression on the visitors’. Managing corporate events, especially overseas, can be challenging task. Let me help you! 
Let’s promote your products and brand in a way that your customers will remember you in the most positive way.

Telling the compote story or reference cases through storytelling is very powerful tool. I have written and published various corporate and customer case studies and success stories that have been used to promote company sales and products. I conduct the interviews and write the case based on the personal, phone or email interviews. Languages provided: English and Finnish.

Who are you? Do your customers know your story? 
Your Brand is the most important capital that you own. It is your brand and your story that your employees must live by and your customers can relate to. 
Finding clarity in your Brand strategy, distinguishes your uniqueness against competition and has positive affect on your bottom line. 
Get clear. Get focused. Let’s refine your brand. 

I am here to help!

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