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About Me - Inka

"The greatest act of courage is to be and own all that you are.
Without apology. Without excuses & without any masks to cover the truth of who you are". ~Alter Ego 

Who am I?
I am your partner and I am here to help! 

My Mission

How Can I Help You? 

Just Flow and Glow

My Mission in Life is to support other do they can shine.

 Is it then Business event, Personal Training, Mentoring or Yoga class or retreat: my mission remains the same HELP YOU to get into your full potential.


My creativity and enthusiasm are benefits for you, when you decide to work with me.
I’ll inspire and you just Flow and Glow.

My Vision

Be Here Now

Just Flow and Glow

My Vision is to offer services that add value to your business and make you more successful. I envision creating value to this present moment and from here on to the future. I have plenty of creative tools in my toolbox to enhance your marketing. 
In Training and Yoga my vision is to offer services to people who are looking for transformation and need support in that process. I believe that when every person finds harmony with themselves they find harmony with the World and The Earth becomes better place to live.  

I operate Globally and I am available in person and through media. 

My Values

Share and Care 

Just Flow and Glow

I follow Yoga-life style and believe in nonviolence, non attachment and living in the very present moment. The integrity, honesty and open communication are basic ground stones for my operation.
I do things from my heart.


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