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Yoga with Me

Journey through yourself
to yourself. 


If everyone would practice Yoga, the World would be better place. 

Journey with me on RETREATS & TRAININGS

Holding space 

Every yoga practice is a unique journey and possibility to discover yourself. Arriving to mat leaving the ego aside, open to meet yourself where you are in this current moment. I am there for you and holding space for you on your journey. 

Vinyasa Flow

My soul practice is vinyasa Flow and my Flow classes are strong and creative. Moving with Prana (the life force, breath) and with music. There is plenty of heat created in the practice by connecting Prana and asana and staying long enough in each asana to feel, to experience and to discover. Sweat with a smile. 


My Yin classes are soft and deep and come along with stories. In Yin we focus on the Yin part of our body, the feminine the softer side: bones, ligaments and nervous system. In Yin practice we stay in asana 3-5 minutes Opening any blockages in the physical or energetic body and Restoring the energy back in its place. I like to use plenty of props and sandbags are my favorite.


Experiencing space and Flying in  Aerial yoga. 

The beauty in Aerial yoga is the change in perception of gravitation and sensation of being held. Many people who experience head stands uncomfortable actually like hanging upside down with the support of the silk. People with high stress levels and challenges in  concentration find Savasana in aerial silk comforting and easier to let go. 

The silk is great support and companion in practice. I teach aerial Yin and aerial Yin & yang classes. The silk helps in chest and hip openings taking asana deeper in supported way. The aerial yoga activates lymphatic circulation and is  amazing for spine lengthening and making more space between ligaments. 

Sivananda Hatha

I teach Hatha yoga and Sivananda style, that has been found more than 50 years ago. This meditative 90 minute practice is suitable for beginners and for more advanced yogis aswell. 


Yoga Nidra

I teach Yoga Nidra - the Yogic sleep which is a deep relaxation journey to your inner-self. one hour of Yoga Nidra is equivalent to 3 hours of sleep. Journey into your being, while being awake but deeper than sleep. 

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