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Retreats & Teacher Trainings 

Yoga Retreats are amazing way to bring focus into your life. 
Be mindful and create space for yourself because you deserve it. We all need a break to nurture and take care of ourselves. 

On a yoga retreat you will meet and connect with likeminded people while deepening your practice. Learn something new and gain new perspective into your practice. 
Take journey into yourself while enjoying healthy meaningful holiday. 

Up Coming retreats 

Up Coming retreats 

Xmas in Paradise Yoga Retreat - Blue Osa Costa Rica

Instead of giving presents this Christmas – BE present.

Christmas in Costa Rica, a yoga retreat at Blue Osa offers much more than retreats usually do. The yoga classes vary from gentle yin and dynamic flow to Hatha. Your body will be pampered with amazingly nutritional and delicious food, yoga therapy classes as well as restorative Yin Yoga. Your soul will be nurtured with guided healing meditations, offering you a chance to get to know yourself deeper and opening up for self-care and self-acceptance.

In between the classes you can enjoy the beach and the turquoise ocean, swim in the chemical free lap pool, or take part in an adventurous jungle tour.

Book your space in Paradise


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Teacher Trainings

Are you on your path to become a yoga teacher? 
I teach with School Yoga Institute, mainly in Latin America. Check out our upcoming Training Schedule

Future Cooperation

Looking for connecting  with my Energy &
Co-hosting retreat? 

I offer different Yoga retreats themed for your studio or customer needs.

  • "Bliss of Being" Yin meditative day retreat

  • "Hips don't lie" Psoas and hip opening workshop

  • "Find your inner Diamond" Day retreat with life coaching 

  • "Open your heart" 

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